Does Oasis Palms deliver?

Yes, Oasis Palms offers delivery to the wider Christchurch area. Give us a call or send us an email for a quote.


Will these palms tolerate Christchurch winters?

All the varities we sell have already indured several Christchurch frosty winters.  The most recent significant snow events in Christchurch caused some damage to our facilities.  However, the plants are almost unaffected.  There may be some discolouring and spotting on lower foliage following winter but this is normally trimmed off as the Spring growth occurs.


Will I need a trailer to transport the palm?

Although it is helpful, this is not necessary.  The palms are able to just fit in the average stationwagon.  However, they have to lie down and the foliage manipulated a little. 


Are they suitable for pool and deck areas?

Absolutely. Infact they are fantastic around these areas as they look fantastic and as they are evergreen, they are very clean in terms of shedding foliage and debris.


Will they look worse before they look better in my garden?

As all our palms have been grown from young in bags, the root system is not affected by recent digging from the ground like some others.  The palm would thrive once released from the bag and into your garden.  The only exception might be some wind hardening if the location is a little exposed.


Do I need to give consideration as to where to plant these trees?

Yes, several of the varities we sell will eventually get quite tall and large.  To look their best, you will need to make sure they have ample space away from the house, fences and other large trees when planting.



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